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      Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd., which is located in Weihai Shandong, has its origin from Shandong Weida Machine Tools Corporation and was established in 1998. Weida has grown into the largest manufacturer of drill chuck in the world. The company mainly produces all kinds of chucks, saw blades for cutting wood, steel and stone, accessories of sinter parts and Investment casting parts. Weida is the first manufacturer of accessory industry in domestic awarded Quality Management System ISO9001 Certification in1996, and was awarded the certification of ISO14001 and OHSAS18000 in Dec. of 2006. The company, which occupies a land area of 390,000 square meters including 156,000 square meters building areas, which own 5000 workforce people and over 200 engineers. The company total assets has now reached 0.8 billion R.M.B. In July 2004, Weida successfully entered into Shenzhen stock-market in China.

      Advanced production line, scientific inspection standards, we have built 15 modern production lines, with specialized C.N.C. machines total 2500 in numbers. The company brand “Peacock” and “Weida” chucks, is the name brand products of Shandong China. The company product rang is extensive with 150 varieties within 4 main categories: The classic key type chucks, keyless chucks, chucks with lock, and self-tightening chucks, and our total production out-put has reached a huge total of 50 million pcs of chucks annually.

      Weida pay attention to scientific management, strict quality control, unceasing innovative design and improved technology. Now we have 44 patents in China, 11 patents in U.S.A., 1 patent in Europe. And 18 patents in China, 3 in U.S.A., 10 in Europe, 1 in Japan, and 1 PCT applications are pending for approval.
      “Peacock” and “Weida” brand products is known for its quality and reliability all over the world with customers spreading over 80 different countries and regions, and cover a domestic market share of more than 50% and global market share of more than 30%.

      Welcome to Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd, and we are confident to supply excellent products, competitive price and the best service for all the customers.

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      Add:2 Zhonghan Rd. Manshan Town,Wendeng City , Shandong Province of China E-mail:sales@weidapeacock.com
      Tel:86-631-3909518 3909818   Fax: 86-631-3909777 3909888


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