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      Shandong Weida Saw Blade Co.,Ltd. is mainly working on producting "PEACOCK" circle saw blade and its body for cutting all kinds of stones,woods and metal materials,including three series are light-type , heavy-type and combined type with carbide teeth or not. The market is Europe and America , Middle East and Southeast Asia in the world.

      Shandong Weida Saw blade Brand Co., gathered the most professional saw-making engineers and managers who have worked on sawblade manufacture ,owning usage & service experience ,and high technique & plenty knowledge for nearly 30 years; adopt the top-ranking equipment in the world such as "GERLING" "VOLLMER " CNC controlled soldering and grinding machines of German; digital protection heat-treatment equipment and self-contained inspection and measure equipment, whichi administer the optimize combined process art flow and manufacture all kinds of variety specification saw blade ,which can quarantee the precision of the size of finishing saw blade and saw blade body and the balance of the movement of the saww blade body , achieve to high level cutting effect. We have confidence in meeting the customer requirement of the performance and quality of the saw blades.

      The excellent human source, superior equipment, and perfect technique,strict quality control, make the principle of the company the best quality and the best service for the customers extending endlessly. We will try our best to supply the most perfect products and service for all the customers all over the world.







      CNC controlled Soldering Machine For Carbide -tipped CNC Controlled Sharpening Machine For Carbide-tipped Saw Blades



      Large Vertical Lathe Large Surface Grinding Machine


      CNC EDM Wire-cutting Machines


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      >P.C.:264400 Tel:0086-0631-3909399 Fax:0086-0631-8086108 3909993

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